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act  your  age,

not your shoe size.


Living Life to 
the Fullest

 Chapter 4

As we get out of the car Char grabs my hand as we approach this group of kids who looked our age. They all look up as we approach them. One guy with short blonde hair smirks.
“Who did you bring Brooke? Two lesbians?”
He snickers and everyone laughs. Char squeezes my hand knowing that I would b*tch at him for that. I bite my lip.
 “Shutttup Ryan,” Brooke snaps at him, “this is Jez and Charlie, they are twin sisters who will be going to Trafalgar.” She tells the group.
Char lets go of my hand and Ryan stands up and takes her hand in his.
“Where have you been all of my life?” He takes her hand and kisses it.
I would think this would be incredibly romantic, but he was a douche before so it just ruined it. Char seems to forget what he had said before and giggles.
“In Australia!” She exclaims.
“I can tell by your sexy accent.” He tells her seductively.
Char blushes and they walk away talking.
“Jez, this is Aphrodite, Crystal, and Victoria.” Brooke points to three girls
One had long red hair and green eyes, she had a annoyed look on her face. The other had curly brown hair, and looked uninterested. The last girl had blonde hair and blue eyes, and a big grin on her face.
“I’m Aphrodite. What type of name is Jezabella?” She asked. Prissy b*tch.
“It’s from the bible. You shouldn’t be talking, Aphrodite, the greek goddess.” I b*tch back. She looks at me with respect.
“Touché. I like your style. You can call me Didi. This is Vicky and Crysty, they are sisters
“What grade are you going into?” Crysty asks me.
“11” I reply
“Same as us. Have you met anyone from the all guys school, St. Andrews College?” Victoria asks me.
“Nick Falconeri.” I respond
They all look at me with surprised expressions.
“Seriously? He is so popular and hot!!!!” Victoria says excitedly
Just as she said that I hear a motorcycle motor and turn around and see Nick. He gets off his motorcycle and takes his helmet off. He flips his hair and my hair starts beating faster. Then I see this girl. She gets off his motorcycle and hands him her helmet. 
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Do you know?


choose the kool-aid of your choice. ~must be the powder mix

boil water

once water is boiled pour the mix

mix it well

insert a chunk of your hair in pot of boiling kool-aid mix

let it stay there for about 1-5 minutes

let it dry


kool-aid last about 1-5 weeks

you’re gonna need to re do it once it fades

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This Lady goes to the Doctor & says:
 ‘Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I’m pregnant again. I don’t want kids so close together.’ 
So the doctor said: ‘Ok and what do you want me to do?’ 
She said: ‘I want you to end my pregnancy, and I’m counting on your help with this.’
The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady: ‘I think I have a better solution for your problem. It’s less dangerous for you too.’
She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request. 
Then he continued: ‘You see, in order for you not to have to take care of 2 babies at the same time, let’s kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we’re going to kill one of them, it doesn’t matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms.’ 
The lady was horrified and said: ‘No doctor! How terrible! It’s a crime to kill a child!’ 
‘I agree’, the doctor replied. ‘But you seemed to be OK with it, so I thought maybe that was the best solution.’ 
The doctor smiled, realizing that he had made his point. 
He convinced the mom that there is no difference in killing a child that’s already been born and one that’s still in the womb. The crime is the same! 
If you agree, please SHARE. 
Together we can help save precious lives! 
Love says, ‘I sacrifice myself for the good of the other person.’ Abortion says, ‘I sacrifice the other person for the good of myself.’


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I'rather bdopthen


I guess I'm just another;

love struck teenager,
making a guy her everything
even though she knows
she's gonna get crushed i n the end.

Whether it's