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 :DHello fellow wittiers, Maddie here, feel free to check out my quotes and follow me if you want! By the way, I think you're beautiful.
I am happy.
I have some of the most amazing friends out there.
I have a loving, caring, and accepting family.
I love life and listening to music really helps me express my feelings.
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Quotes by mcoggin4

So there "isn't a connection anymore"? That 's because you stopped talking to me.
We've "grown into different people"? No, I just matured after dealing with so much sh*t.
You just didn't know how to tell me you had already moved on.

I miss him. So much. And I know that he doesn't even like me anymore, he probably doesn't even care. I wish he did. But he already moved on, likes someone else. I know he liked her while we were dating. She likes him too I know. I just can't get myself to forget about him.
Yesterday would've been 6 months.

When "Get Your A** Back Home starts...

We got in our first fight.

Because of YOU. 
Thanks for making me cry.
I hope you're happy.

I don't like your attitude. I also don't like the way you treat me.



I Don’t Hate You

I just was anrgy. i regret it now. i wish we could talk about it.


The truth is
that he is my boyfriend not yours. You need to stop flirting with him. He doesn't enjoy it and it just makes me mad. If you think you are going to break us up, you are oh so wrong. Oh, and those little jokes you make, they hurt. They hurt really bad. You made me cry. I hope you're happy with yourself. Just find someone else's life to ruin because I am not letting you and your petty games get to me anymore. Goodbye.

It's only been a little over 2 months, but I am so proud of myself because 

 it's been my longest relationship yet. <3