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my two biggest fears are frisbees and tambarines. toes freak me. out and all i do is drink capri sun and play janga. and if normal people are neurotic insomniacs who are totally out of their minds, then i am 100% normal.

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Quotes by mconant513



& If I Stop For a Minute

I think about the things I really don't wanna know.
& I'm the first to admit it. Without you I'm a child.
& so wherever you go, I will follow


So Cling to What You Know


 And  Never  Let  Go


 You    Should    know    Things    aren't    Always    What    They    Seem


in about one year we'll have it all figured out
→ these bigcitydreams are what you about


they had breakfast together
but two eggs don't last like the feeling of what he needs

In the end we only regret
the chances we didn't take

Just because someone doesn't love you
doesn't mean they don't love you at all