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mcsteamy's Favorite Quotes

It's the way you look
at me

when I look at you.
You give me those feelings that I can’t explain.
It’s becoming known to me that
my crush for you is growing into a liking for you.
But of course, I’ll never show it.
How can I?
I see your perfection.
I know there are others.
What makes me different from them?
I just hope one day I can tell you how I feel.

Hopefully you’ll feel the same.
But what if you don't?
But what if you do?




      she                                                                                                                he
      writes a list                                                                                   writes a list
      of all the things                                                                     of all the things
      she hates about herself                                                   he loves about her
      in just one word                                                                  in just one word

      everything                                                                                 everything


He'll never fall in love
                             he swears as he runs his fingers
    through his hair.
I am laughing
because I hope
       he's wrong

The idea of being wanted
is probably one of the best feelings, ever.
It’s like you know that there is somebody out there
who wants to be with you,
share stories to you
and just spend time with you.
It feels nice that somehow,
you know that there is someone
who cares for you and actually lets you know
about how they feel...


Falling for someone
At first you don't even know it's happening.
It all just started with a simple ''hello'', and you never
would have guessed it would lead to this.

Your mind starts to concentrate on that one person,
and nothing else.Whenever you see, talk to, or even are near
that special someone, those butterflies and that smile
appear as your problems seem to disappear.

Everything they say or do makes you smile.
You just have that happy feeling inside again.
It's a good feeling, isn't it?


There are so many people on this site with online depression test results on their profiles and it makes me feel very {ugh?!???!??}. Please, please, you guys, I BEG of you people, DO NOT take the online depression tests. It gives you WRONG results. Do not believe all that bullsh-t. There is NOTHING wrong with you. Believing it will only make you feel worse. If you want to know if you're depressed or having any disorder, get a proper diagnosis, from a REAL doctor! Not some pathetic quiz on the internet. Seriously. Nothing it says are true. You are not having an extreme disorder.
Please. Stop. Feeding. Yourself. Lies.
It's hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs
because they always take things literally.
this is a fight for love
luokst, hate, desire*

I love
making people who already hate me
                          hate me more


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