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Quotes by me_just_me

We're a beautiful thing together.
No point even trying to fight this, it kinda feels like it's love -MC
She suddenly realized that all the pain she went through was worth it; because it led her to you.
Just wait; there is always something better right around the corner.
It's always going to be you.
Love is endless. Love is flawless.
It's time for me to be happy and put myself first.
Not having you anymore cuts me deeper than I ever could.
If you love someone let them go; and if they come back then it was meant to be. Holding on to something that is so intangible is too painful.
I used to look into your green eyes and see someone I truly love. Those moments were moments of bliss, and I would give anything to go back in time and feel that again. I know I made a mistake. I know this is my fault. I don't get why we can't just try to work things out. Things don't have to be the same, they could be better than before. All I'm asking for is another chance. Sometimes in life there are second chances, and sometimes there aren't. But if I was lucky enough to get another chance I wouldn't ruin it this time. I wouldn't hurt you again. I know you really loved me because you cried as we hugged goodbye for the last time. I know deep down you care, and I always will too. No matter how much time passes between us I think there will always be something there. You really were a part of me, and somehow you always will be.