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Quotes by meg_xoxo

Why am I even here?
"These battle scars don’t look like they’re fading,
don’t look like they’re ever going away,
they ain't ever gonna change."
"I love you soo much, baby! "
You two have been dating for a day... 
Pick five artists you love before reading the questions:
- Nikki Flores
- The Script
- One Direction
- Justin Bieber
- Hunter Hayes

1) What was the first song you heard by 1
Let it slide. 

2) What’s your favorite song by 5?
Where we left off.

3) What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?
Hmm I don't know, she has so many songs that I can relate to though. 

4) What are your favorite lyrics of 5?
If you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak,
if you're gonna be somebody's mistake,
if you're gonna be somebody's first time,
somebody's last time,
baby, be mine.
If you're for somebody's "just friends",
a little laughin',
little lovin',
never calling again,
that's just fine,
if you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak
be mine. 

5) How many times have you seen 4 live?

6) What is your favorite song by 2?
The man who can't be moved. 

7) When did you first get into 5?
Hmm, like April maybe.

8) How did you get into 3?
I was just on youtube and happened to come across What Makes You Beautiful in like the end of August last year.

9) What is your favorite song by 4?
Thought of you. 

10) Is there a song by 2 that makes you sad?
For the first time. 

11) What is your favorite song by 3?
Hmm, either  Another World or Everything About You. 

12) Which song do you dislike by number 1?
I don't dislike any of her songs aha. 
If Your Life Was A Movie
What would the soundtrack be?

So here's how it works:
1.) Open your library (iTunes, Media Player, all the rest...)
2.) Put it on shuffle
3.) Press play
4.) For every question, type the song that's playing

Opening Credits: The lost get found- Britt Nicole
Waking up: Same mistakes- One Direction
First day of school: Fall for anything- The Script
Falling in love: Thought of you- Justin Bieber
Breaking up: Doing it wrong- Drake
Mental Breakdown: For the love of a daughter- Demi Lovato 
Sunny Day: What makes you beautiful- One Direction
Rainy Day: Break your heart- Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris 
Party Music: Who's that boy- Demi Lovato
Driving: Practice- Drake
Sleeping: She will be loved- Maroon 5
Nightmares: Headlines- Drake
Flashback: California King Bed- Rihanna
Wedding: Wanted- Hunter Hayes 
Honeymoon: I'll be- Edwin McCain
Birth of child: Smile- Uncle Kracker

Final Battle: Teach me how to dougie- Cali Swag District 
Death Scene: Save you tonight- One Direction
End Credits: For the first time- The Script

Yolike me.

Why does it have to be so complicated?
Just realized 

wearing pants

Well this is awkward... 

True thing just thought I'd tell you all that. nmf


I' m that friend 

that's always giving relationship advice

yet I'm still single.


Him: I need to ask you something and i want you to be totally honest with me. It might be awkward between us after this but i have to know how you feel. I have kept it in for a while but i think it's finally time I be straight up and just confront you. I hope this doesn't ruin the relationship we already have. I just need to know and i don't see any other way i could get over this. It just doesn't seem fair on me if i don't get an answer. I want you to tell me truthfully no matter how harsh it is. I just wanted your honest opinion... Do you prefer coca cola or pepsi? 

 Me: *calls him.* Is that seriously all you needed to ask me?


Him: HAHAHAH yes!

Me: You're dead. *hangs up. Texts him back*: You're really dead next time I see you,  but seriously, Coca cola is better. -.-
Nmf. But this just happened to me -___-