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Quotes by meg_xoxo

Not a day  goes by
that I don't think about you.

I just LOVE when you  copy the exact quote I posted, especially the format, and then you don't give me credit at all!
Just kidding, lets be honest.
I now have the urge to push you down a scary well.
Like the one from that horror movie The Ring.
Yeah, that'd be great. 

Dear Kelly,

For some reason I can't post a comment on your profile to answer you back so:

 My phone won't be on until next week apparently -___- but we may communicate by my home phone, facebook, or witty! 

Bring ioBro




So I just woke up, obviously Witty is the first thing I check and I see:
I love you guys<3

Do you ever get that feeling when

 you've just held so many problems in that you just don't even know how to explain how you feel to someone anymore let alone where to even start? 

I do.

Love <33 1-4-3
Since you have read this you will be told good news tonight
Only if you repost this
Sorry, want good news so bad.

*When I don't have my contacts in or my glasses on*

 My friends: How many fingers am I holding up?!
*holds up 4*

 What I actually see: 4

What they somehow think I see: 9 


I hate when I fave my own quote by accident, and I quickly unfave it.
Then about 5 minutes later I refresh my page and I see:

I get exicited then remember...
it's from myself.


I don't get it. 
If my door was closed, I'd like for when you leave my room you close it again.
Instead of leaving it wide open.
Thank you. 

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