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i love my friends and family<33

i love mia and alex<3


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Quotes by megadog50

That Ackward Moment:
When you're alone with your teacher after class.



You're not the guy i fell in love with.



and sometimes,
i t   f e e l s   g o o d   t o    j u s t   c r y

Life's too short.
Eat chocolate.

Rain, rain, go away
that's what all my haters say ...♥

*not my format*

That awkward moment when

you blow your nose in class.

*not my format*

not mine

but wait... there's more!

tlhat  ackwar moment
[        w       h    e   n                t     h   e      r     e   's                       t   h   at                    o    n   e                   c  o   u    pl      e
w      h     e       r      e                   t      h      e                 g      i      r      l               i      s               t       a      l       l       e     r                i      s               t      h      e      n                 t      h      e                 b       o       y       ]      

n d   w h e n   h e y   h u g ... 
don't you think
water tastes better with ice

that awkward moment when
you text someone

and they don't know who you are
--------------- ---------------

not my format