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Yes im in love with the wrong person. Yes i've been through hard times that i didnt think i could make it through. But look, im still here. I've learned to look past the negatives and see the positives. I've learned to let go of the people who hurt me instead of continuously being hurt. i've learned to trust myself and do whats right for me, and to do what makes me happy.I've learned the steps to happiness.if i can do it, you can do it. Don't worry , be happy :)


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Quotes by meganemily2

I don't know who I am anymore.

And to her he was the world.                       


a feeling of sadness seemingly without a cause.

To call him mine..

Thats all im asking for.  

IR . I . P

To everyone who f*cked me over, played me, tried

me, or lied to me, Because your all dead to me. 


Can i have one person? Just one person who wont walk out of my life like the rest. is that too much to ask for?

Today ,

 I graduated 8th grade,my last year before

highschool . in all of middle school , 8th grade
was the hardest, but also the most fun . it was one of the most difficult time of my life , yet i loved it . with graduating , i realized how much ive learned these
 past 3 years. with 6th grade i learned how diverse and different middle school will be. i passed with all a's and a ton of friends. with 7th grade,i learned what trust was , and who i could trust . i learned what love felt like , what it meant . with 8th grade i learned so much . i learned appearance matters above everything . i learned the sacrifices you would take for your loved ones . i learned to not set your expectations high , if you do you will be upset at thw outcome . i learned that every mistake shows you something great . i learned to live without regrets , what you do , you do for reasons . i learned what a true friend was . i learned how boys play with your mind and make it twisted . i learned that with bad decisions come bad consequences . most importantly , i learned to accept who i am because you cant change yourself . even though i still doubt myself sometimes i realize that god made me this way for a reason . if i want to succeed the first step is to accept myself for who i am . once i did that , life got easier . girls , if your skinny,or plus size , it doesnt matter . some of the most beautiful women on the planet are plus sized , if you think your ugly , your not. when god made you he didnt think "ugly" . accept who you are and things will go much better because you will have confidence , self-esteem , and
much more . f*ck the people who bring you down , because the best revenge is to show you are

happy with yourself and confident . ladies , dont let 

ANYONE tear you down. 


I t s  h a r d ..

 when you want to cry every minute of everyday . 


The worst  kind of pain ..

 is when your smiling just to keep the tears from falling