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Dear Guy I like,
Dear guy i like,
I try and talk to you all the time but i feel like you think of me as a little kid. Just because your a year or 2 older than me doesnt mean a thing. I am responisble for my age.. ask any of my friends. Why cant you just except me for me and not the way i look or how old i am. I truely like you and it may be even love.. and idk how much longer i can wait for you to realize that....when your sad im sad, when your happy im happy. And when im with you nothing else matters in the world and i just want the whole world to stop... ive never felt this way before about anyone. Even if there are some difficulties on the way, i dont care i just want to be able to say that your mine and that you will always
 be mine...♥ ......

& You know it's Real Love when...
Your best friend is crying over him because he finally noticed  her by being herself and says hi to her..

& When he turns away all she wants to do is go back and run into his arms<3

And I Really Want to Say...
...That i love you..
But i know.. that you will never say it back </3


Summer  2011 Memories
Let's make them count. <3

Because im bored..

-What kind is your phone?
-Who's the last person you called?

-Who was your last missed call from?
Miss Quinn
-Who is the 2nd person to come up under D?
-Who's the third person who comes up under E?
-Who was your last received call from?
-How many messages are currently in your inbox?
356! haha
-What do you have as your background?
 Me and my friends; Shelli, Me and Lauren Sands
-Whos the 5th message in your inbox from?
-Whos the first person who comes up under B?
Beach House
-How many bars of signal do you currently have there?
-Who was your first text message from?
-who is the first person in your phone book?
my daadddy:)

-Who is the last person in your phonebook?

-Name every person you have text messages from in your inbox?
Laura,Mrs.Wolters, Kristen, cassie, Dan, Xavier, Rachel, Brandon, Nattile, Michael, Tim, Marry, Lauren, Alyssa, Nickky:)

-Whos the 5th person under A?

Alex D.
-Who is the ninth person on your missed call list?
-What does the 6th message on your outbox say?
I would bring you to pittsburg games if i could:) that would be the best trip ever if you could come <3
-3rd person under J-
Jack munceer

 Summer 2011..
No regrets, just ;
fun, friends, nothing to worry about, and lots and lots of Lov3 <3


g rab somebody

sexy, t e l l 'em hey.

&& You rap your arms around yourself and say.. Hey Sexy;)

.. only me??

Supposed to be studying for finals..
Then you end up on Witty the next second. :)

You know it's almost summer 
Wh    e  n         yo    u            d   o     n    t           c      a      r    e          a      b    o     u     t        a     n      y    t     hi      n       g       t      h    a    t       h  a      s     to      d     o         wi     t      h         s     c     h      o     o     l

*Two Blondes on a Mission* 

Look out for dear life.
*Blonde=Dangerous when near things*

So what do you think will happen.. when there is two?!?

♥ This isn't going to end well..