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Never been in love, but I'm waiting.

Been heartbroken before.

Hoping to make a difference.


Quotes by meggieb131

cute things guys do #13
smile when they're kissing you


that's the nature of a guy;
they catch you at hello
and kill you at goodbye.

hello, we just made initial contact
and this is quite a radical concept
but here is the nine-digit code to my cellular device
so call thee if possibe.


She'll never be more than
a second choice
a one-time dance
the girl at the bottom of his list
a hookup on a Friday night.
Oh how she wishes to be cherished.


*~living just to find emotion~*


when boys call you their boo<3



hair dryer: sucks to suck
vacuum: blows to blow
hair dryer: at least im not in the closet...


am I the only one who
noticed that temple run is
  sexual  sounding?


when the truth comes out, people end up getting hurt.
t h a t ' s   j u s t   h o w   i t   g o e s.