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Never been in love, but I'm waiting.

Been heartbroken before.

Hoping to make a difference.


Quotes by meggieb131

Absolutely nothing could match the feeling of my head on your chest, your strong arms around me, your heartbeat the only sound in my ears. It was bliss, me snuggled up to you close, smelling your cologne, your fingers running through my hair. We didn't talk, we didn't do anything, we didn't even kiss. But all I know is that it was one of the best feelings in the world<3
He hasn't forgotten about you, trust me.
He might be gone from your life but he can never throw away memories of someone who made him so happy.

Me: You know that one guy?
Friend: The one at the place, with the thing?
Me: Yeah! With the face and the hair?
Friend: Omg I love him.


"And then,"
he said, a smile tickling his lips,
"I met you."


-*~wrapped up in your arms and our friends are laughing, cause  nothing like this ever happened to them~*-


wake upthinkofyoueat breakfastthinkofyougo to schoolthinkofyou sit in class thinkofyou come homethinkofyoudo homeworkthinkofyou
go to sleepthinkofyou



the are spaces right between

where your mine fingers fit



wanna know what stinks?
your armpits

lol but wanna know what sucks?

dude but seriously wanna know what blows?
your girlfriend


Parents call it swearing;
I call it a fine display of my colorful vocabulary

something in his deep brown eyes

has me saying

-*he's not all bad like his reputation*-

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