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He is everything &nothing.

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&honey I can see
right through your little act . . . . .




&i'm going to prove 

all of them wrong and become somebody

i was at a waterpark and a little boy, looked at me and said
"you are really pretty"
while smiling and then walked away<3

true story<3

most awkward place.....
the bathroom at school.



&who decided one day.. 
to try to lick their elbow?


TB <3




they say that true love hurts;
but this could almost kill me
young love murder;
that is what this must be

ke$ha song/mine.

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When you make a quote and it says am i the only one?
and no one favs it so you are actually the only one..

&I don't just want a summer love

i want a winter love where we can go sledding and drink hot coco

I want a
spring love where he will put a flower in my hair

I want a
fall love where he can give me his sweatshirt

I want a
summer love where we go swimming everyday

but most of all i want a
forever love, just him and me every season every day<3

- m i n e (: