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Quotes by mexismoo

the idiots at my school
friend: my mum is a llama
guy: so does that make you a goat?

nick cage:
jenna marbles:

b*tch i will hurt you if this is a freaking social experiment

Harry: We have one thing voldemort doesn't have
Hermionie: What?

Harry: Noses
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friend: im so sad today i broke up with my boyfriend we were so hap-
me: can i just stop you here and say you dont need a man and also i dont care


friend: its hot in here
me: sorry should i leave

friend: what
me: what

soft sheldon
warm sheldon 

little friend named spock
happy sheldon
sleepy sheldon 
knock knock knock

to the tune of soft kitty

"my butt looks gross today."

well yeah, its a butt

f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5 - i changed the colours a bit
''If you think this is fake there's something wrong with you''      -- the girl who sucked on her own tampon
That horrible moment when you type your password into your username box
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