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Quotes by mgiels

I'm gonna pick up the pieces
                   and build a lego house.♥ 


I was told to follow my heart,
So I'm gonna stalk you.

Cos when a heart breaks,
no it don't break even. 


"If only our fans knew how badly I want to meet and hug them"

-Niall Horan 


We'll be glowing in the dark ♥


I'd rather be a comma,
than a full stop. 


I wish we could just start all over.


I wish I had a girl to cuddle up to at night ,
rather than my pillow.

-Harry Styles



Jimmy protested. 

-Louis Tomlinson



I want a girl who doesn't know
she's beautiful;


so I have an excuse to
let her know all the time..♥ 


- Zayn Malik