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Quotes by michhhhaela

Never cry over the person who hurts you. Smile & say "Thanks for giving me a chance to find someone better than you."
Me: *wakes up*
Me: Better check my phone for some morning texts from my amazing boyfriend
Me: *checks phone*
: Better get a boyfriend
British boys: Good mawning love. How did you sleep beautiful?

American boys: Lol damn girl take yo pants off you is amazin winna winna chicken dinna boobies.


"I've always wanted to be one of those people 
who doesn't  really care that much
about what people think of them,
but I just don't think I am"
- Harry Styles


There's a beautiful girl
with gorgeous blue eyes
she lives a live of sorrows & cries
they tell her she's beautiful
but she thinks they're all lies


Psychological fact: When a person cries & the first drop of tears comes from the right eye, it's from happiness. But when the first drop comes from the left eye, it's pain. 


Sometimes the girls
who come across
happiest to people,
are actually the ones
hurting the most


Hi, I'm a quote. I'm not as beautiful as the rest, so I don't get much attention. It hurts, but that's the way society is, right? Girls who aren't a size zero are considered fat. Girls who don't have long, shiny hair with big boobs, long legs, flawless skin & a brace-less smile are considered ugly. If you don't wear short shorts & tops with your boobs hanging out, you're considered lame. Society hurts, but that's just the way it is.