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                                 You dont know you're beautiful. <3
im mikala. im 14 and i live in california. my family doesnt have alot of money. ive been a christian for my entire life,
but ive been struggling with my relashionship with god latelty because of the events that have happened over the span of the last 3 years of my life. im trying though.i love justin bieber, the beach, hanging with friends, shopping, sleeping,excersing
one direction,austin
(which i never
get to have) doing
hair and makeup
(also cant afford).
i want to be a celebrity stylist or photographer when i grow up.
im single, and probably forever alone since im not attractive whatsoever. tear :L
add me, i need more people to ttalk too (: love you all,


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someone talk to me pleassseeeeeeeee

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i wish just for once
a guy would think i was beautiful.
one that wouldnt judge me.
one that would except all my flaws.
one that would try to make me laugh when im having a bad day.

i guess i just want someone that will love me.

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fact about me:
i bite my lip when im nervous or thinking about something.

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no one will ever know all the reasons she cries... or any of the fears she hides inside.

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The tears run
down her face again and again
she sits in the dark and is gone .


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 single for valentines day again...
someone told me to go up and just grab a hot guy and kiss him 


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music is my life
witty is my escape

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im so sick of reading all these quotes about love, and knowing that will never happen to me.

go head. break my heart. i love you to much to hate you for it though. <3

I get nervous around guys i like. its so terrible i start blushing and smiling. i feel like such a dork -_-

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