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well helloo there (:
the name's mikaylah
i am 16 years old
i'm taken by the perfect guy<3
i'm 5'8" with long brown hair and blue eyes
i have three best friends that i'm always with
i'm a huntin, fishin, four-wheeler ridin country girl
i love to have fun and cause trouble ;P
i party and smoke, if you don't like that, i don't care
i can be the world's biggest bitch so dont piss me off
i'm great at giving advice so i'd be happy to help you
if you need anything, just comment
follow me and i promise i'll follow back (:
anything else, feel free to ask


Quotes by mikaylah44

Here's to the kids who
messed up and would do anything for a second chance.
never say goodbye
because goodbye means going away,
and going away means forgetting.
That moment when
your teacher says "pick a partner"
and you give your best friend
the sexiest pedophile look ever.
When people
ask dumb questions,

I feel obligated
to give sarcastic answers.
"There's your boyfriend"
to your friend when an extremely ugly guy walks by.
Thank you mom and dad
for giving me a complicated name...
I never wanted one of those cool keychains anyway.
You Only Live Once
but if you get caught...

Your On Your Own

There will always be
that one teacher asking you a question
  & your friend next to you whispering the answer

That Awkward Moment
when it's super quiet and you're eating something crunchy