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Quotes by milemo

 so confused! idk what to do! a senior likes me and im a freshman. ahhh. we are good friends and are comftorable around eachother. our team claims that they know that we both like eachother but we both deny it. what should i do? someone help me.

rate high if i should go out with him
rate low if we should just stay friends
 our theme song is im yours.
i remember the first time we heard it together. 
we were in the halls. still kind of akward friends
you asked me the song name. i answered. 
you told me how much you liked it.
i loved it already.
but you made me love it more<3
 the first moment we met. who would of thought. the most amazing time of my life. i never will or want to forget. i will miss all you seniors so much. the season went by so quickly and there is nothing i regret. ski team was a place where i could forget about everything and everyone else and just have fun and laugh and do what i love. skiing. i made new friends with people i would have NEVER talked to in my life. i am so glad for this chance i had. i made the best of it and i am so grateful. we shared music on the bus. we laughed and we joked. we had no cares in the world and we all got along. it felt like family. and i am so sad the season is over. =[
long live ski team '09<3
much love. so many good times. snowball fights. long bus rides. team bonding. new friends. its how we roll. '09 long live<3
i love to hate you
and hate to love you. 
 do you love me?
cause i wanna know
do you need a little time?
cause i wanna know
do you want me
cause i wanna hold you when you cry
do you love me?
dont wanna hear you say maybe

do ya- mcfly

 me: if you could go anywhere in the world where would you want to go?

boy: wherever your going =]

**real convo between me and my best guy friend
rate high if i should go out with him<3
this chip on my shoulder makes me smarter and bolder,
no more whining or blaming
i am reclaiming my pride

chip on my shoulder
legally blonde the musicallll
girls im positive that we've taken this too far,
no, im positive this is harvard not a stripper bar,
all these trashy carry on thats the reason why he's gone...


and I said...I don't need a boyfriend, I'm completly happy as I am.
...that's true
but then i noticed him, my best friend, still liking me even though he was shut down before.
...then i thought, should I take the risk of loving him back? I know I would be happy.
so I told him. It was confusing and hard but I did.
...never thought it would happen to me, but it did.

so I know I was happy but now I'm a shining ray of happiness =]