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Quotes by milemo

and I said...I don't need a boyfriend, I'm completly happy as I am.
...that's true
but then i noticed him, my best friend, still liking me even though he was shut down before.
...then i thought, should I take the risk of loving him back? I know I would be happy.
so I told him. It was confusing and hard but I did.
...never thought it would happen to me, but it did.

so I know I was happy but now I'm a shining ray of happiness =]
i never thought it would be him
but now i really understand the saying...its on the inside that counts
because yes hes not the best looking
but what was on the inside of his heart is what captured mine
...pull over on the side of the road and lay on top of the car when seeing me run to wait for me to give me a shirt
... pants you every 5 seconds only when they know you have shorts on underneath
...will never give back your clothes
...make you laugh
...make fun of your boyfriend just because they know you don't give a crap cause you love
...are always there for you with all the fights, tears and laughter 
...will go to see hsm3 with you and admit to the whole school, WE LOVE IT!
...are reading this thinking of those certain few<3
we were winding
and grinding 
up on the floor
a sport so tough guys can't play

so what?
i am a rockstar
i got my rock moves
and i dont want you tonight

not a hobby...a way of life hockey
                   if the turfs too hott... get off the field!

                            FIELD HOCKEY
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