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wassup homies??? xoxo red sox xoxoxo CHAMPIONS!

Quotes by milemo

when ur dream becomes reality
the meaning of love...

    is you

if you change your mind
im the first in
honey im still
take a chance on me...
Well, I guess, it's a brand new day after all
every time we hear the curtain call,
see the girls with the curls in the hair,
the buttons and the pins and the loud fanfares.
            Tonight, tonight.

La-la-la-la-la-la tonight, la-la-la-la-la-la tonight.

- New Kids on the Block<3
give me the beat boy and FREE my soul, i wanna get lost in your rockin roll and drift awayyy
i give up.
i give up on trying to make you like me
i give up on hoping that you will like me
i realize nothing i will do or say will change your mind
i realize i will always be me and if you can't like me for who i am, your not worth it
im glad that i *stopped thinking* about you every second
im glad that i realized that things will {never} go back to the way they were before i admitted my feelings and everything changed

...those feelings lasted a week before i realized i will never stop loving you
he's a babe and a HALF
going hard when they turn the *SPOTLIGHTS* on
Im shippin up to boston *heyaoo*

PAPELBON... your gonna get to dance again =]

{i sit here} wondering, "does he ever think about me?"
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