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You are beautifully & wondefully made.

A while back I decided I needed a mantra of my own. Something that was personal and meaningful that I could tell myself to bring comfort and love as well as root myself in the present moment. The Bible says "you are fearfully and wonderfully made," so I came up with "you are beautifully and wonderfully made." I say it to myself all the time, and it really helps me find peace knowing that I am perfect just as I am and that I don't need anything beyond what I have within me.

In this new year, come up with a mantra that is just yours. Each day, look in the mirror and repeat it back to yourself.


I just always feel
this overwhelming
feeling of sadness.


mom: *comes home at 3:30 a.m."
me: hey, where were you?
mom: at Jason's house..
me: *balls my eyes out*
mom: why are you crying Jillian!?
me: why were you at my ex boyfriends house mother!

like is it bad i miss u or wut

why am i fat?
cuz i eat when i'm upset.
Yes, I do like Mondays.
Because I get to see you.
wanna know how I really feel?
.. two words ..
I'm done.
Love is so short,
forgetting is so long.
I D O N ' T S A Y