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My name is Sam.
Not Samantha, not Sammi, just Sam.
I blow 16 candles out on July 15th.
My parent are divorced & i live with my Mommy :)
My dad is not in my life so please dont ask me about him.
My best friend is Sam.
But my sister is Desi.
Im addicted to facebook <3
I have trust issues.
Yup theres that boy that im crazy about
but he will never feel the same.
Im a Cutter & im not afraid to admit that.
Im very outspoken about what i believe in.
I have one Motto & thats
Talk Shit, Get Hit.
I have weight problems so please dont make fun of skinny or fat people.
Wanna know anything else? Comment on my profile.

Quotes by mimibearr

I once had a zebra
His name was Fred
One day my zebra
Was in my bed
I scared my zebra
He bumped his head
I loved my zebra
Now he is dead.



When will this pain just go away?

This Smile?

Its Finally Real Again!

Format by XxprettxX

He told me i should go to school
without makeup on everyday :)

Format by XxprettixX/nmq Removal of this credit is punishable by death.

This ones for my little sister.
Stay Strong Baby Girl,
Im here for you.

&& i fell way too fast

for someone who didnt even care


I think there should
be a sad catigory
so when your sad theres

always a quote that
fits how your feeling

Im not okay..
&&He actually cares.

Him: wanna hear a joke?
Me: im talking to one.
Him: ...

actual convo with my ex. nmf