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Quotes by minimeroxz

Is there anything worse than the feeling inside when you want someone to know how much you love them...

But the problem is they have feelings that are totally platonic..?

You're thousands of miles away, and we may never cross paths...

But what will happen on the day when we do meet?

What then?
I miss you...
I miss your smile...
And I still shed a tear, every once in a while.
And even though it's different now, 
you're still here somehow...
My heart will let you know,
and I need you to know...
I miss you...
Shalalala, I miss you...

Have you ever had the feeling..?
Where you think you've found something you've worked so hard to get..?
Well, I found what I've worked so hard to achieve.


You want to sleep.
But there's so much on your mind,
That sleeping would make it worse.

Spending think about it is good,
That's probably the best thing to do.

There are two options for sleeping and staying awake:

Option 1: You can sleep. Let all of your dreams consume you, and let you sleep

Option 2: See how far you can think before you give up.

How the rain sounds,
and how it makes me feel,
Are 2 very different things.

They way you sound,
and the way I feel about you,
Are 2 things that are close.

I hate myself.
I love myself.
These are 2 very different things.

If you don't love yourself, you end up dieing inside,
If you don't dislike something about yourself, you become

Does it mean you're in love with him,
when after he goes to sleep on skype,
you keep thinking about him?

You're musical when:

You listen to different covers/songs without lyrics at 2am.

What does it mean...

When people tell you you're pretty and cute and stuff...

But you turn them down....

Are you lying to yourself?

Does it hurt...

When your emotions get mixed up...

With what's important?

What does it mean...

When you keep playing the song...

He played for you once...

Does that mean that you truely love him?