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iranda would be the name(;
im 18 years young
living the single life.
follow me, ill follow back.

Quotes by mirrrr13

be careful who you trust, if someone discuss others with you, they will discuss you with others.
the sad thing is, it's been over 2 years now and i still miss you from time to time;
i guess it's true when they say you really never get over your first true love <;3
I gave you everything but nothing was ever enough,you were always jealous over such crazy stuff
I was worried about you but you never cared about me.
I loved you so much that I thought that someday you could change
But all you brought me was a heart full of pain <|3
You played with my heart tore me apart with all your lies and games <|3
you can't touch me now theres no feeling left, if you think im coming back don't hold your breath
what you did to me boy i can't forget, if you think im coming back don't hold your breath
you say you miss me, yet your the one who walked away?
it's either you want me or you want her, im not going
to wait around being your second choice, when you 
and her are fighting.

I'll be at the end of this path with
tears down my face hoping you'll
come wipe them off my face. with
a broken heart and wounded
mind, becuase you left me behind.