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Quotes by miserablybreaking

wow, so i haven't been on witty since the beginning of the school year.. and i'm looking at old quotes and i noticed that they changed b i t c h to woman and s h i t to stuff lol ok witty
I can see you're   sad,
even when you  smile, even when you  laugh.
I can see it in your  eyes,
deep inside you wanna  cry.
I secretly wish my best friend would save up the money he uses to buy weed, and buy a plane ticket to me instead. :3


there's not a day that goes by where I don't regret losing her.

But there's not a day that goes by where I do regret meeting you. ♥ 

Why can't I just wake up one morning
and it'll be like this was all just a bad dream?
I just want to be happy again.
Simple as that.
No more talking, no doctors, no medication.
Just happy.
I forget what it feels like.
Am I all alone again?
Cause I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
with my mouth shut,
when it's really open.
I'm a liar.
But I can't help it.
I have to do this,
and it's my body,
and I know you're trying to help me.
But what if I don't wanna stop?
What if I want to destroy myself little by little?

Tell me the truth,
did you ever love me?


And I wonder if you ever stop
and think,
"Man, I miss her."


Format by Sandrasaurus

Last night, two of my best friends saved me from taking my own life.
I asked one of them to stay up with me because I was scared of what I would do. She said she couldn't but she left me with a very long message hoping I wouldn't do it. And she contacted my other best friend immediately. She didn't even tell him about what I was going to do. She just told him to talk to me. I didn't find that out until this morning. But after she went to bed, I wrote a suicide note and got myself prepared. My plan was to cut my wrist until I overbled. I began to cut. In the middle of it, my phone vibrated. It was my other best friend. He texted me saying "ajfgnaowrnooofawnfolawnefoiwnewfggjvdflgn i love you". I broke down, and I stopped cutting and started talking to him. We didn't say much, he just continued to tell me that he loves me and that I'm amazing and he asked what was wrong and to tell him what I felt. After a while, I think he felt helpless. He just said "Sleep. :)" and I was so tired at that point that I just gave into it. This morning, as soon as I woke up, my body was aching. And I wished I hadn't hurt myself at all or I did it so much that I was dead. But when I texted the first friend telling her I was alive, she said "You scared me. Don't do that again."
They give me so much hope.