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Oh, i'm so sorry!

Is the middle of my sentence  interupting the beginning of yours? Again? 


me: can i go out, mom?
what my mom heard: can i go out with my friends, hit the clubs/bars, get pregnant, get in the car with random  boys, smoke some weed and possibly fall off a cliff? 
"sorry, my mom said no"

actually, i dont feel like hanging out with you.
(not about you kaateee)


Spongebob: Are you ready to get crazy?!               
Patrick: I'm already hearing voices!

 <3 .

Feais thheart





Thie saddessad isnt when the strong one gets weak; or the heart breaks, and those left to weep
the   saddest sad is when the mirror bring shame; 
the mirror brings fear. the saddest sad is when sad faces you in the mirror
when it faces you smiling; a lie told to keep you from crying

The saddest sad is when a smile lies 
and a lady cries
and thin turns to fat 
a life ruined 


I love my bestie: 
 i promise i'll be there if you need anything.
talk to me. about anything. everything. ill keep it a secret 
ill give you someone to talk to. a shoulder to cry on. 
ill help you through it. your problems are my problems
i wont let you face them alone. i wont let you face fear, sadness, loneliness alone.
you should know that the only reason im here is because of you. 
and i love you too f_ucking much to ever let you go. 




Thifothlovers and the sexy motherf_uckers
love is in the air i pray to God i do not suffer
kay, late night, lights, steam  candles lit
she say Weezy flush me harder
i say ooh you the ooh

Lil Wayne<3


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