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I'm Missa :]
I love writing, photography, and singing. I'm easy to talk too, so just say hey or something (:
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Dear Mom;
Throughout my childhood I was always obilivious to what really happened, the pain you've caused dad, and most of my childhood I blamed him for it when inreality it was always you. You chose to cheat. To move away countless times. You chose not to call, or even right for years. You choose to ignore the fact you had two daughters who loved you so much. It's funny how you always tell me to never depend on a guy or let a guy treat you wrong, yet your husband treats you wrong. People say that a daughter always ends up just like their mother, and I'm so afraid of that. I love you I really do, I just don't agree with many choices you've made. I want to be there for my children, through everything and I will never let a guy warp my life in any way. In a way I ought to thankyou for showing me a life I could have but in the end, it makes me miserable to see you working everyday with him sitting on the couch playing video games and smoking pot. It makes me sick and I just wish you'd wakeup and realize there's a better life then that, that you deserve so much more....

Dear girl I hate & boy I hate;

I don't hate anyone, soo this one doesn't count.

Why do I always feel so invisible...

Dear Bestfriend; Felicia Marie
Your the one person I've always counted on and knew you'd never let me down. I truly love you, you give me hope that not all people are hopeless. You teach me new things all the time, like an older sister should(:
Sometimes I feel like even if we weren't sisters, we'd end up meeting and being this close. Like our bond was meant to be, like god knew we'd need eachother in our lives. I know I count on you so much, and I really appreciate the fact that you deal with me, and all of boy issues, my drama, and my mental breakdowns. Not many people would, but not many people are as amazing as you either. Your a truly amazing girl, and don't realize how beautiful you are inside and out. I really hope one day, after we graduate college and such, we'll live in an apartment like we've talked about, but no complaining about my mess please! :P
There's so much I could write but not enough room honestly.

Dear boyfriend;


Dear Ex Bestfriend;
We have so many goodtimes that too this day I look back on. You were my first real bestfriend, I told you everything and in a way I miss it sometimes. I knew where our friendship stood, I never worried about you talking about me or any of that. Well atfirst I didn't. Then highschool came around and everything changed. We were always fighting, you were ditching me, and we were just going two completely different paths. Now I see you and I can't look at you without feeling happy about my choices. If I hadn't made that choice, I'd be in your shoes or one similiar, and that doesn't seem so appealing. Thanks for pushing me to the point where I'd stand up for myself.

Dear Ex;

I waited around for you to get serious for so long. Spent so many years hoping you'd give up the game, and realize I was the girl for you. Not the girl you'd come back too once a year only to crush into little tiny pieces, but that's all I was. I'm really glad things happened the way they did for us though, it taught me a lot. It taught me that I deserved a lot better then you, and to never settle for less just because I'm lonely. I'm better off alone then unhappy with a guy just like you. So thank you.

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Dear Ex,
Dear Ex Best friend,
Dear Boyfriend,
Dear Best friend,
... Dear Girl I Hate,
Dear Guy I Hate,
Dear Mommy,
Dear Daddy,
Dear Crush,
Dear the one I love,
Dear Brother,

 I  miss
When we were all younger and you told a boy you liked him and if he told you he liked you, that was that. No more complications, you'd hold hands and kiss him on the cheek as you around. No such luck anymore.

I want to be your kind of beautiful,
even on my worst days.