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Hey my name is Brenna.
My life is pretty simple.
Im just a normal insercure girl who loves
One Direction <3
I have an amzing boyfriend that i love a lot!!!
Im in middle school.
There is some much drama!!!!!!!!
Im in seventh grade.
I love my little bro Nick :)
I couldnt survive this world without my best friend Victoria a.k.a Toro
and my amazing cousin Maddi!! I love them to death :)
And for all you girls who think boys are all the same,
dont worry they arent.
Trust me :)
If anyone needs someone to talk to im always here and will help you get through it

Quotes by missb99

you said forever!
you lied
you promised you'd never lie
i guess ur just another guy
mom-did u learn a lot today in school
daughter-not enough i guess i have to go back tomorrow