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Why, hello Gorgeous!
I'm Bri!
Theater(Acting) is my Life.
Photography is my Love.
singing is my Passion.
soccer is my Pastime.
Seems Simple right?
Nobody's simple.
My life's a ride,
through summer rain
spring blizzards
and sunny fall days.
But if I get to know you,
and you get to know me,
I'd be happy to let you ride next to me.

Quotes by missfluffers26

 Can School just Go Away Forever?
And Ever.

Yeah Thanks.
Yes, Inside the Lump
Was My Twin.
Final Review Packets
Are taking over my life.

Or whatever
Form of a life I had.
that Awkward Moment when your friends call out to your Ex and you automatically become interested in that tree over there...
And then that Awkward Moment gets just that much worse when they call him over.
And you tell yourself "It's Fine." but its not fine at all.
Because you have been Successfully Avoiding him up to this point. But now thats all shot to h.ell
So you look up at the sky and try Not to Think about how much you hate him
And how you just want to look at him and scream and yell and cry Because the floor just swallowed you up and now everyone is Pretending you're not there.
In this time fragment you do Not Exist.
And that just makes you madder.
Only you know its not worth it.
He's not worth it. Not at all.
Anyone who could do that to a person and not feel a thing isn'tworth the dirt you walk on.
So you look down at your phone and wish he'd just leave already.
You try not to listen to their inside jokes, but its hard cause they're right next to you.
You know he doesn't deserve you.
You know you don't need him and you know you're far better off without him.
The Sad Part?
He's so much better off without you too.
Because even though he lied to you, Used you, toyed with you, and broke you,
He just doesn't care. at. all.
And this isn't a movie Hannah Montana.
It's a Book.
An Autobiography.
So when he finally leaves, You turn to your friends and ask them why the h.ell they did that.
They pretend to not know what your talking about.
So you just suck it up and leave.
Thinking to yourself "hunny I am so Proud of you.
You kept your head and decided to save your Fire for someone who's worth it.
You shut up and listened to your brain for once.
You're gonna be just fine."
And this time,
>>>>You know it's True.

What Do you Do When..
Your friends leave you out?
Your ex suddenly texts you?
You make a bad pass?
You forget a line?
You hit the note wrong?
Your instrument squeaks?
Your teacher yells at you?
Your coach is upset?
Your boyfriend is pervy?
You spill your drink?
You do something you wish you hadn't?
Your hair frizzes?
Someone spreads an awful rumor about you?
And it's true?
He doesn't text you first?
You're worried he's using you?
You're worried he doesn't truly care?
You get in a fight with your mom?
You tell a lie?
You feel like curling up into a ball
You feel like giving up?

I'll Tell you What you Do.
You get off you're butt.
And you Cry.
And Cry.
Until You laugh.
Until you Smile.
Until you can't cry no more.
You ask what's wrong.
You apologize.
You make plans for next weekend.
You practice.
You text back hi.
But remember,
He doesn't deserve you.
You confront your boyfriend.
You clean up your mess.
You pull your hair into a pony.
You tell the people who matter that the rumor's true.
And to everyone else: You deny that Crap.
It's not their business.
You text him first.
You tell the truth next time.
You keep on going.
And trying.
And living
And feeling.
And Dreamng.
You Get over yourself.
And say Forget it.
Yes, it happened.
But guess what?
It's over.
It's done.
the moment's gone.
Now go make memories.
Go do something dumb.
Something that you can write in your autobiography.
Something that'll shock people.
Including yourself.
Go Make Me Proud.
And then comment on this Quote what fantastic thing you did.
You know I love your Hearing from you guys. c;

Why can't a nose be 12 inches Long?

Because then it would be a foot.
And Today is my Second Witty-A-Versary
And I Just Thought That I Should Let You All Know
For The Millionth Time
How Much I Love You Guys.
You Saved Me So Many Times
And you Don't Even Know It.
You made me Smile Through my Tears,
Supported me Through my Break-Ups,
Had my Back When I Felt the World Had Shuned Me.
You Make Me Feel Special,
Like I have a Purpose,
or a Shot at The Impossible.
You Make me Feel Gorgeous
Inside and Out.
And I'm Balling my Eyes out Right Now,
But I'v Never Felt Less
Thank you For Making Me Get Over Myself
And Focus on What Matters.
I Am Always Here For You.
Thank You Steve,
You're Doing a Wonderful Job.
&& I Just feel so Alone Right Now.
Like The World is Spinning.
People are Living
Laughing, Dancing, Singing
Falling in Love and Falling Back out.
As if Everyone is having this great Existince.
Everyone is moving forward,
While i take another inevitable step Back.
I Know Somewhere far away,
People Care.
That they would Miss Me.
But in This Moment.
Right Here.
Right Now.
Just. Doesn't. Feel. Worth. It.


A white pill bottle of constant disdain,
Placed in a cupboard of cures.
The thick, sinking stench of dull, red blood In a bathroom of innocence.
Stroking the red, raised, bleeding,
Marks on my wrist, the bumpy
Stinging Identification of a numbing
Pain, an absent soul.
I dress into the clothes of a whole nother being.

As i change unaware, A group of girls,
Once close, concerned friends,
Tare open the notebook I still have.
Fighting tears, for what they find
Makes them sick to the heart.
They read frazzled print, blak ink,
Of a girl who's greateat wish is for the strength,
The strength to end it all.
They sob, tiny cries, in quiet voices.
They want me to come back.
They want me to try.

I lay surrounded by others,
On a hard, tile floor.
Sleep should come easy.
But the loudest, most intoxicating sound
Rings through my ears, and shakes my bones.
The silent voice, from inside myself,
Drags me to the corner of a circle,
And leaves me to suffer.
I choke on the taste of my own will,
Paralyzed in my throat;
Paralyzed with fear I couldnt put at ease.

Tis a morning of neccesary hardship.
A mother and daughter, whom I've known forever,
Cry in unison; cry for me.
Beg me to make a promise, one that i don't intend to keep.
My voice shakes.
Turn thoughts, absent thoughts, to words?
Impossible. They clog my throat.
"Mom...I need help."
My tongue burns.
I shouldn't have spoken.

Hard, Metallic, sticky smell of words,
Words I don't fully listen to.
As my mother agrees to my request,
Staring forward, my sight transforms.
The blurred vision of a broken mirror.
Shaking Shoulders.
Never seeing. Only feeling.

A tear escaped me,
As i ginally put that memory to words.
Twas a hard day. A hard year.
It still is.
That was the day I admitted,
Out loud, To myself, For the first time.
"I..I can't do this anymore."
I still can't. Not on my own.
That was the day everything changed.
That was the day I kept a promise.
That was the day I fought for my life

My english teacher gave us an assignment: To write a poem about a life changing excperience. Her examples were "meeting your beat friend" and "joining a sport". This is what I turned in. She gave me a perfect score.