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Hello there,
my names Jasmine.
I live in New York City
Where all you can see is grey sidewalks and tall buildings
I've always wanted to become a
famous singer or writer
and I always wanted to be in the public eye.
My hero is Drake, the rapper.
His lyrics heal me somehow and I cannot imagine
not listening to his music.  
I have a girl crush on Nicki Minaj  and Aaliyah
And not to mention I rap a little myself.
I always spend my time writing about love
and someday I hope to find my
own love story.
I like being inependant and not counting on anybody.
I'm not afarid to take a chance,
I'm just afraid of the outcome
My hearts taken by a guy I don't really talk to.
I've always wanted to visit
Tokyo or Africa just for the fun of it 
and succsess is my main goal in life.
I'm kind of obssesd with Chinese culture.
I'm a total
"Outsiders" fan and Ponyboy Curtis is amazing♥ 
Well thanks for reading this weird bio
 I love you! 



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Quotes by misshyfr

Its strange how many of us fear our past
Yet we'd do anything for one last glimpse
Of a beautiful memory we thought we lost.


Its okay to risk your happiness just to see someone else happy
But never do something for someone when it hurts you the most,
Because your happiness should be granted as well.


You can't always chase after people who always leave you behind,

Because why run after someone who didn't even bother to look back to find you,

Until it was too late.


They just need someone,

Who won't be afraid anymore.

Someone whose going to be the person

They promised to be.

Someone who won't walk out of their life,

Like the others did.


We all have a breaking point 

Where we just want to give up and give in

to the problems.

But its our descion  
whether we let our

sorrow torment us

Or we let the broken pieces re-build us





voice and

Always reminds me of how,

never met anyone like you

And how I might
never will.


We all ache for the dreams we

can't accomplish,

While we're too afraid to even

start them.


If it feels like everyones against your thoughts,
Thats when you know you're doing something right
Because usually people dispise those who are different.
Not because they stand out
But because they're doing something

nobody ever dared to think



Why keep telling yourself it

't matter

When  you know it



Its not that I don't trust you

Or care about you

But once you've always been just an option

And have the people who you cared about walk out of

your life

The trust starts to fade away.
The people who said they'd listen to your feelings
Just abused them
And the ones you expected to listen when nobody was by your side
Turned against you as if you were shunned.
You feel as if you're meant to heal others wounds

Yet you can't heal your own.
Not because you don't want to,
But because you're to foolish to care about yourself,

Since you devote yourself to the

ones who
don't deserve your time.