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Live each day as its your last.  Yea that's my moral thing if you will call it.  The names Kimi. Last name not gonna say. never know who's out there with some free candy and a map. I blow dee air out of dee candles on dee 28 of dee month of dee october.  Well i'm probably not like all the other normal girls out there.  IM UNIQUELY UNIQUE.  i live for awkward moments and those days where you can just feel your six pack coming out of hibernation. :D I love smiley faces in texts, :):):):):) oh and hearts. <3<3<3 :D  If you are reading this, then THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. <3 follow me and i'll follow back. unless you seem kind... rapist-y to me, then nada nada. but i wuv you all anyways.   I love LOVE IS THE MOVEMENT. i think its such a great movement for helping people with depression, because I have a lot of friends and probably more than I know of, that cut. And I hate it. so if you do, please stop, I will be here for you, and I will talk to you as much as you need if you just need to let your mind of some things. Beause I know I sometimes do. well this is getting kinda long so.. BYE :)

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if steve turns off this "anonymous" thing, watch all the top quotes be by non famous wittiers.

I hate remembering
the past mistakes i've done.

"Remember when you liked-"


If i found love, I would put it in a circle. Not because "circles never break"
but because circles go on forever.

Dont worry.

You may think

you'll "never"

get over it

but you also

though it
would last.
falling in love 
is like
jumping off a bridge
your brain says
don't you'll die"
but your heart says

you can fly.
love is forever.
once you find the one
that makes forever

seem to short

Guys are a**holes. If you argue with him, you're hard-headed. If your quiet, you don't care. If you call him, you're clingy.If he calls you he says you should be happy. If you don't love him, he'll try to win you. When you do, he leaves. You tell him your problems, he says your irratating.If you don't, he says you don't trust him. If you lecture him, you just want to argue. If he lectures you, its because he "cares". If you break a promise, he doesn't trust you anymore. If he breaks a promise, it's because he had to. If you cheat, he expects it to be over. When he cheats, he wants another chance.THEYRE ALMOST ALL THE SAME. When guys are in love they become poor, when girls are in love they become pretty. Guys can forget, but can't forgive. Girls can forgive but can't forget. When guys are heartbroken they try to forget about the girl by going out with another girl. When girls are heartbroken they try to find his characteristics in another guy. Guys wish to be her first love. Girls wish to be his last.

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when you can feel your eyes sting because you know you're going to start crying.

i saw you for like...3 seconds today.
and it made me day.