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Quotes by mitzee

you ask a girl

When she's crying?

Nothing.You just hold her.


 Good  things;
 Freshly shaved legs, sunshine, pens that make your handwriting amazing, Roller coasters, Little children, The beach, Shooting stars, Good hair days,  Sweat pants, Oreos, Wishing on 11:11, Perfect outfits,  Nail Polish, Perfect messy buns, Cute notes, Good morning&Good night texts, Cute surprises, Apple products, French fries, The ocean, Photos, Music, Candles, Iphones, Snow,  Hugs from behind, Inside jokes, Dancing in the rain, Disney, New packs of gum,  Harry Potter, Going on shpping trips, Guys that mean what they say,Witty&songs that describ how you feel.♥ 

So don't you worryour pretty little mind,

People throw rocks at things that shine.

My tummy needs to be flatter, My boobs need to be bigger,
My brain needs to be smarter, My face needs to be prettier,
My hair needs to be straighter, My theighs need to be skinnier,
My teeth need to be whiter, My nails need to be longer,
My skin needs to be tanner, My nose needs to be smaller,
My voice neeeds to be cheerier, Everything must be Perfect.


Has a weak point.


Taylor Swift+Vodka
- Shower=Kesha

Evertime I Laugh;
I hope He's watching,
Not because I want Him to see Me Happy,
But because maybe, Just maybe,

He will fall for My Smile,
Just as hard as I fell for His.

Best way to keep memories.