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its my work in progress

maybe its not about forgiving or forgetting;
maybe its about remembering everything and
being willing to start over anyway. <3

I learned to trust my instincts
& to know that even the people
who are supposed to love you can
leave you one day for no reason at all..

means you're related.
it doesn't mean you're family  

baby prove to me that you're not average
and we'll be on the same page cause the
only difference i see in guys is they all got
different names  

i didn't change you;
sweetie you did that all on your own

we spend our whole lives telling

ourselves everything happens for

a reason. when in reality, it's just that

we give reason for everything that happens

You always want me to fall,
but you don't ever want to catch me.

you'll never see the stars
if you're always looking down.

only kryptonite is you,

That’s why anything you say I’ll do.

So let me stop for a minute &

Take a second to say ;

Boy you take my breath away ..