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Hi I'm Mikka. (Pronounced like Micah)
I like quotes, photography, reading, writing, I play flute/saxophone,
I love to listen to music, I like headphones, I'm addicted to chocolate...
I wanna travel someday.
Most of all, I just wanna be ok, content, and happy.


Quotes by mj25

But what happens when theres no fight left?....When a heart is bereft of the will it takes to continue beating?...
Was it too much..when all I asked for was for you to try?
"No,no. It's ok..
I'll just text myself back."
I didn't wanna walk away with a broken heart.
I guess now I've learned..
You were a priority...
was I just an option?
Our love:
In ten weeks you shaped it.
In one night you murdered it.
I wish the story didn't end this way..
Because I'm still ilove with the person that helped me write it.
You're in my veins, you f/ck.
"Music is was refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness"- Maya Angelou
Do not fall in love with a poet.Their words are constructed with layers upon layers of lies and they will turn you into metaphors and rewrite you so many times, you'll forget who you are.