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Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery,and I promise you, something great will come of it.
Hallo there. Just an average twelve year old here, since December 2011. Actually, I've been on Witty longer, but I only then decided to make an account. I am a proud Directioner, Potter Head, Demi-god, Anime and Manga Freak, and much more. I can be a total bitch to anyone who insults me, or if I'm in a foul mood. So excuse my bitchiness if it ever comes around your way. Don't like my profile, get you ass off it and don't hate. Like my profile, then possibly follow. Thank you.
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Quotes by mlsunny

If spiders start flying I'm leaving this planet getting the Doctor to
whisk me off to another world in the TARDIS.

Happy birthday to me!
"Why the clouds, Sunshine?"

-Petey Jones
Remember the Titans

"People say that it can't work, black and white; well here we make it work, everyday. We have our disagreements, of course, but before we reach for hate, always, always, we remember the Titans."

-Sheryl Yoast
Remember the Titans


Like this if you are a 60's kid!

Nah, just kidding. There shouldn't be any fifty year old pedophiles on here.
What is the past tense of sh/t?
My Friend: 
Hey, what's the past tense for sh/t? 
Me:  Er, I dunno. Sh/tted?
My Friend: I thought it was shat...
Me: Shat? That's a funny word...
Me: You're gonna get us in trouble!
Other girl: Let's look it up in the dictionary *pulls it off bookshelf*
Me: *Reads out loud* Shat. Noun. Past tense of sh/t.
My Friend:
Other Girl:
Random Guy:
One Direction:
The President:
United States:
The Solar System:
The Universe:
All of us: 
*Laughs obnoxiously loudly, and librarian gives us a warning*
Me: Ha ha. Shat. *looks at my friend*
My Friend: *looks back at me*
The two of us: *laugh again, and get a second warning*

'My Friend' is


Going on Omegle, guys. See if you can find me! Common interests: Witty Profiles.

The other day, my history class debated which country was to blame for the start of World War I. One girl made a very interesting comparison.
"World War I was like a food fight. Nobody plans to have one. Serbia just threw a grape, but Austria-Hungary responded by throwing a plate of spaghetti. Then everyone starts taking sides with their friends or people they like. Who's to blame for starting the fight?"
Someone responded,
"Germany, because she stole Belgium's lunch money."



I hate it when I go to bed
and forget to turn my swag off.


Everyone says that the right person will come along someday...

I think mine was hit by an oncoming truck.