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Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery,and I promise you, something great will come of it.
Hallo there. Just an average twelve year old here, since December 2011. Actually, I've been on Witty longer, but I only then decided to make an account. I am a proud Directioner, Potter Head, Demi-god, Anime and Manga Freak, and much more. I can be a total bitch to anyone who insults me, or if I'm in a foul mood. So excuse my bitchiness if it ever comes around your way. Don't like my profile, get you ass off it and don't hate. Like my profile, then possibly follow. Thank you.
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mlsunny's Favorite Quotes

For the first time I have met someone who I hate leaving. Someone that I cant get enough of, I just want to learn every little detail about them, all there quirks and facial expressions. Ive found someone who just fully accepts me and doesnt want me to change in any way. I think I've found someone who I may, by some chance, fall madly in love with.
Without even realizing it.

one day, i'm going to go to walmart
and when the checkout lady asks "is that all?" i'm just going to be like "no, actually. can you hold all these? i'll be right back." and then just walk away.


the power of a winky face
" get off! "
 " get off! (; "


hating people takes too much
energy outta me. i just pretend they're dead.


I'm from England and I agree,
you can't say the word 'Awesome' unless your American...


you can always count on me to be
the assh/le who gives you a reality check instead of telling you what you want to hear.



Oh my God, remember when you used to like ________ !




This quote does not exist.

disgusted by my own self.


life is too short to
waste time matching socks.