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soul surfer all day& night (:
im a normal teenager trying to survie this crazy world. every day i struggle with severe depression& anxiety. it gets pretty bad but im hanging in there. if you ever need to talk, im always here(:
Justin Bieber,Demi Lovato& Taylor Swift= my life. 

they all inspire me& i honestly dont know where i would be with out them& their music.  im absolutely in love with the movie Soul Surfer. i always get a new perspective on life& how you shouldnt take your life for granted. well comment if you wanna talk some time.  i love talking& meeting new people(:
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Quotes by mmeeker713

live your life
like there is no tomorrow
because your not guaranteed 

there will be one

fllaws, insecurities, and scars

are what make you different from 

anyone else.

"When you get caught in the impact zone,

you get back up because you never

know what will be over the next wave

-Soul Surfer 

today is my
17th birthday!(:

"right now i really dont see
the reason for 
 or for talking,
or for breathing.
im just done."
-Emily Osment, Cyberbully 

no one
is ugly, there are just many types of 

one way
or another, the truth will 
come out

Dear Parents,
yes, im studying 
your hardworking children 

comment your user names
so i can follow you (:

a wedding ring
goes on the left ring finger because its the
only finger with a vein that connects 

to the heart