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soul surfer all day& night (:
im a normal teenager trying to survie this crazy world. every day i struggle with severe depression& anxiety. it gets pretty bad but im hanging in there. if you ever need to talk, im always here(:
Justin Bieber,Demi Lovato& Taylor Swift= my life. 

they all inspire me& i honestly dont know where i would be with out them& their music.  im absolutely in love with the movie Soul Surfer. i always get a new perspective on life& how you shouldnt take your life for granted. well comment if you wanna talk some time.  i love talking& meeting new people(:
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Quotes by mmeeker713

everyday when i wake up, i feel 
empty and useless

did it hurt?
did what hurt...?

when you fell...from heaven ;)

can you do me a favor?
stop playing games with my heart 

"what do you want from me?"
"the truth...can you handle that?"

she walks around with her
head held high,

her shoulders back 
& the biggest smile on her face 
little does anyone know that
her head if full of
 mixed emotions 
her shoulders are weak &
that smile is holding back the
 tears&the pain

im tired of pretending
that im okay all the time. i want my smile to be real.
i want these tears to stop running down my face every day.
i want to be happy again. 

i give up

he unbuttoned your shirt
for a better view,

of your heart

"why do you wear makeup?"
without makeup i feel ugly,
it makes me feel beautiful on the outside.
it covers the pain i go through everyday
without makeup, i feel like nothing
does that answer your question?
i dont know what hurts more 
thinking i should hate him
knowing that i never will

Twilight written by Dr. Seuss
Jake likes a girl. Her name is Bella. Bella likes another fella.
See this vamp? His name is Ed. Ed is plae. Ed is dead.
Ed saved Bella from a van. Ed must be a special man.
Ed wont kill boys. He wont kill girls. 
Ed feeds on deer and squirrels.
This is James, hes a tracker. Hes sort of a vamp attacker.
James hurts Bella for a thrill. Will Ed kill him? Oh yes he will.
But James gives her a little bite.  Will she be a vamp? She might!
Edward fixes Bellas cut.
She wont be a vampire, but...
She becomes one. Read some more. Shes a vampire in book 4. 

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