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soul surfer all day& night (:
im a normal teenager trying to survie this crazy world. every day i struggle with severe depression& anxiety. it gets pretty bad but im hanging in there. if you ever need to talk, im always here(:
Justin Bieber,Demi Lovato& Taylor Swift= my life. 

they all inspire me& i honestly dont know where i would be with out them& their music.  im absolutely in love with the movie Soul Surfer. i always get a new perspective on life& how you shouldnt take your life for granted. well comment if you wanna talk some time.  i love talking& meeting new people(:
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Quotes by mmeeker713

the scars
you cant see, are the hardest 

to heal

my friends&family are trying to help me,
i know, but they dont understand.
they say they do, but they really dont.
i want  them to  truly understand
the pain i have to go through every single day 
all i want is someone who understands everything
im going through
. is that too much to ask?

i guess so 


*im not asking for faves, i just need to vent& this is the only plave i have to do that* 

the best thing about mondays?

going to school to see him
Pretty Little Liars comes on 


i try my best
to never look back and pretend like i never knew you,
but the littlest things 

remind me of you

just so you know
i've been struggling to let you go.
some days i make it through but
then theres nights

that never end

you gave me a smile

i will never forget 


that one song

i had with him still remains on my iPod.
i never listen to it, but i cant delete it because if i do,
its like im permanently 

deleting him from my life

so i heard you like bad boys

well, not to brag or anything but i can pull an all nighter with my eyes closed ;D
your lame ;)

"they say a first love in the sweetest,
but that first heart break cuts the deepest"


Jack promised Rose he wouldnt let go
Landon made Jamie's dreams come true
Noah wrote Allie for 365 days
i think you can send me one simple text message

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