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soul surfer all day& night (:
im a normal teenager trying to survie this crazy world. every day i struggle with severe depression& anxiety. it gets pretty bad but im hanging in there. if you ever need to talk, im always here(:
Justin Bieber,Demi Lovato& Taylor Swift= my life. 

they all inspire me& i honestly dont know where i would be with out them& their music.  im absolutely in love with the movie Soul Surfer. i always get a new perspective on life& how you shouldnt take your life for granted. well comment if you wanna talk some time.  i love talking& meeting new people(:
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Quotes by mmeeker713

*phone vibrates on desk*
student:"did you fart?!"
teacher:"do you need to use the restoom?"
me: "it was my phone!"

my heart
has been stabbed, it stops beating when i see
him, it doesnt tell me the right things to do,
its been damaged&broken, its covered in band-aids

you cant fix a broken heart

can everyone please follow

she needs to get to 150 followers,
its for a good reason



there is a young guy named Justin Bieber
about 5'6,brown hair,17 years of age on the lose.
A girl melaina, is claiming that he stole her heart.
Please contact us if you have any sight of him.

i threw the best thing
i ever hadaway

  but you have no idea how much 

format by xoalicecullenxo

every time i hear our song,

all the memories of our relationship &everything 

i could of had with you,

flood my mind

you cared about me so much&you loved me with all of your heart
but i was to dumb to realize
i realized how much i loved you, when it was too late
to this day, it still haunts me
every day i'll live with the regret, but
no matter what happens,

[i'll always love you]

you cant take back 
what we never had

expectation on picture day:
pin staright hair, perfect makeup

reality on picture day:
hair looks like it got into
a fight with the brush, makeup is
messy, end up looking like shreak


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