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Hi there.   So, you ended up here. This is my profile....all One Direction and stuff.  I am in love with them...Directioner here.  If you're a Directionater...gdfo.  I'm marrying Niall, so back off.  Kay?  Anyway, my name is Kayleigh, I'm 13, and I live in The Bahamas.  I'm American, but I'm Irish.  Incase you care (which I doubt you do) I have redhair.  My best friends? Alex, Taylor, and Georgia.  I love them!!  So, when I eventually marry Niall, I am inviting you all to my wedding.  The Bahamas is pretty cool; we have nice beaches and warm weather, but we have absolutely NO shopping and everything costs 3x the price of stuff in the U.S.  I am pretty much a loser, so I would be surprised if you read this far.  LOL Nobody's here.   So yeah, that's me.

Quotes by mmhmmdazhowiroll

I've never spoken to you,
Only a mere hi as I walked bye.
I say your beautiful brown eyes,
And now I'm dying and always crying.
You don't really notice me,
But I notice you and I love you too.
I love you,
Infinity & beyond.
That awesome moment when you can wake up and not be in love with him.
Perfect Boyfriend

•Give her your hoodie, even if you go to different schools.
•Give her a big t-shirt of yours to sleep in.
•Leave her cute messages. ...
•Kiss her infront of all your friends.
•Tell her she looks beautiful.
•Look her in the eye when you talk to her.
•Let her mess with your hair.
•Just walk around with her.
•Forgive her mistakes.!!!!!!
•Hold her hand when you're around your .........frie...nds AND in private.
•Let her fall asleep in your arms.
•Stay up all night with her when she's sick.
•Watch her favorite movie with her.
•Come up and grab her by the waist.
Remember this: •Don't talk about other girls around her.! :\
•When she's sad, hang out with her.
•When you fall in love with her, tell her.♥
•And when you tell her, love her like you've never loved anyone before.♥
Guys re post as "I'd do this for her" Girls re post as "Perfect Boyfriend" If you don't re-post this in 4 minutes, you will lose the one you love. If you re-post this in 4 minutes, the one you like/love will: Call you ♥ Text you ! Message you :)
 You make it so hard to be over you...
with your good looks
your charm
your voice
your very existence makes me tremble.
You are
what you say you are.

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When you draw all over your paper...
and you realize it's an important exam.

"I can't be no superman, but for ya, I'll be super human!"
~One Direcion <3

I hate it when people are like "Fave if you agree" at the end of their quotes... Like if I agree I will fave, no need to ask...

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