Status: evan is the only one who ever checks this so i hate you
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this is who i was. & evan still sucks :)

Quotes by mol*

We all have one more day of 2012. Don't let it just be another day, make it count.

  I still have feelings for you.  And thats why it still hurts.

Opps, Danielles a boy!

Guess were back in



&Cause boys like him

girls likme

<<go crazy>>


&who else is kinda

U n a b l e  t o  w a i t  f o r  t h e  n e w  y e a r ?

5 likes for series? nmf  

lol wut?

its already 2:00 am here? What? Since when? Like...what the f*ck?

mean girls 2 is my favorite movie

-said no one ever. 

merry christmas everyone

You guys are such a family to me, honestly. We're a family. We fight about stupid things (ex: 1D, Taylor Swift) We have sisters who make us mad, but we all love (yourcool) We get all happy when we get gifts from each other (faves, comments, follows) We're rude, annoying, funny, playful, silly, and all around awkward cat lover pototes-but we're teenagers. And we love each other sometimes even more than the people in our town/city. Honestly, we're more of a family then some of us even know. So merry christmas, you all mean so much to me. I love you♥