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I'm Danielle, 17, no longer a mommy-to-be, but a mommy♥
I'm from California, and i have the greatest boyfriend and now fiance (!!!!!!) everrr in the world, Derek ♥
HIim and out little baby girl, Adelina♥
I would die for either of them in a heart beat
I've been taking alot of shit in school about this baby,
so please don't judge me
btw, i follow back :)

6 months ♥ 


Adelina Marie♥

Our baby girl :)

What a goober ♥ 



Quotes by mommy_to_be

Lately, I've been feeling really depressed
I don't know why, I have no reason to be.
My life is basically perfect.
I just graduated high school, 
getting married next year to my most amazing boyfriend, 
and I have a beautiful baby girl
I have no reason at all to be unhappy....

Can anyone help me??

I gave up on my story
incase anyone was wondering

Peopl have been asking me, was it hard being pregnant and giving birth?

well, yes it is.  It's stressful, but it's also amazing and beautiful.
Having the baby....holy shiittt pain! but soooooooooooo worth it. I love my little girl, and I would go through it all again for her♥

my second mother's day surprise?
Me, my mom, and my baby are all going out to dinner at a 'surprise' resturant.
3 generations all together. ☻
love them both ♥♥

Today I woke up to the smell of breakfast in the kitchen, so I walked down stairs and there was my boyfriend making waffles and bacon (my favorite) with our baby in her high chair.  When he saw me, he said "happy mother's day', and pulled out a huge boquet of purple flowers (my favorite!!!) and a box of chocolate. 
I picked up the baby and we had a family hug.

best first mother's day ever♥

How many faves can I get for my first mother's day as a mommy?


Where did everyone's pictures go????

I found out my baby girl has asthma....
I know it's not a big deal, but it's kinda scary and I'm nervous :(