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The more you do bigger, the smaller your

aters look.

dont call me oi.

that awkward moment when your parents don't appreciate
hilarious child they have been blessed with.

  Changing Faces...

'Come on!Wake up!' Gracie's mum shouted,as she grabbed her shoulders and shook them.Gracie groaned,and turned on her side.'Don't make me get the cold water bucket,' mum threated.Gracie sat up extra quick,and stumbled out of bed.She had an older sister,older by 2 years.Her name was Brooklyn.Stunning girl she was.Gracie wasn't ugly,but not soo goregous.Well that's what she thought anyway. "Ugh,Gracie.WHAT are you wearing.Did a tramp lend you their clothes or something?" Brooklyn said after she finsihed applying her tons of lipgloss. "Actually,i'll have you know these are quite comfortable," Gracie replied. Brooklyn ignored her answer,grabbed her bag and strutted out the door. "Mum,am i really ugly?" Gracie asked. Her voice sounded as if she would burst into tears. "No,dear.You dress quite ...  stylish if you ask me.At least you aren't wearing skimpy clothes like your sister," Gracie giggled,and put on a light lipgloss. "Im going,love you." I should have told you this earlier,but it was Gracie's fisrt day at a new school.She has moved several times due to her dad moving in and out.When she entered the school gates,she noticed people staring,as if to say 'who are you?'She did an amazing impression of a tomato.
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if i write a story will anyone read it?
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7 Awkward Moments That Have Ever Happened To Me ...;)
cos im bored.


#7 - The awkward moment when you mess up your words when shouting at someone.

#6 - The awkward moment when your in a crowded place , and call someone else 'Mum' or 'Dad' x_x

#5 - The awkward moment when your belly decides to rumble in assembly.

#4 - The awkward moment when you shout out the wrong answer in class with confidence

#3 - The awkard moment when you are dancing wildly in your room, then realise the curtains are open

#2 - The awkward moment when you get stuck in revolving doors.

#1 - The awkward moment when your in a kids adventure place playing and you see someone from shcool o.o

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