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Quotes by monse54

Normal people: 

1st month of school- look nice and dress nice
the rest of the school year- rocking the homeless grandma look


1st day of school- rock the homeless grandma look
rest of the year- still rock the homeless granddma look


and I never seen a mc donalds or a burger king under construction, they just appear
"the person who seeks, finds"

*not applicable for keys, phones and remote controls*
YOLO... God proved that wrong
do penguins walk like gangsters or do gangsters walk like penguins?

i guess we'll never know...
When I have kids, I'm goiing to make them watch the movie "2012" and  tell them I survived that


I can't be no superman

but for you
I'll be super human


 I'm sorry if I make mistakes... Life didn't come with instructions

Seeing a car in the middle of the mall

and thinking "How the heck did they get

that in there?!"


"I wish I had a girl to cuddle up to at night

rather than my pillow"

-Harry Styles