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Hello my name cc. My favorite color is blue. I like to think i have deep thoughts but somtimes people just don't get them. I like to go out with friends and just have a good time. I hate being judge it is the worst feeling in the world. If you every want to talk I love to that is like one of my fav things to do:). I play softball. My favorite program in school is something called NJROTC, I fell in love with it and now hoping to enlist in the navy when I get older. Some of my favorite artist/Bands are Fall Out Boys,Maroon 5, Secondhand Seranade,The fray, the script,Ed Sheeran, and Olly Murs<3. My two favorite tv shows are NCIS and psych. I love to watch scary movies it is alot of fun escpically if you get a whole group of people to watch with.
"You can die for your country, I am gonna live for mine."-from the movie The Lone Survior 

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I am in love with you and you are never going to know
i want to be someones yellow umbrella
dear fellow wittians,
I seemed to hav
e much time on my hands lately being summer and all. which means i have done a lot of thinking. i thought about pretty much everything and in doing so I am forced to face my past. For most of you who read my profile I was bullied about 3 years ago but does a bully every go away is that the question it seems every mean word they say is locked inside are head. I also been question myself many of my friends know me as ceci but to the rest of the school i seemed to be known as my older sisters little sister it has gotten to the point where I go out with mutural friends they introduce me as such because everyone knows her. That is not the point of the post while looking and thinking of the past I have noticed I seemed to have become a bullied myself. I do not say anything to there face but that is no better all these years of being a bullied I seemed to convince myself that it is okay to use terms as fat and ugly and how can I live saying I have overcome being bullied when I have become a bully myself. I know most of you have stopped reading and I hope those who countinued this far forgive me because from this point on I want to change I do not want to be the reason a girl goes home crying herself to sleep each night I making a promise to everyone that I will do my best to change me but it will take time.
i am truly
sorry for everything...
I'm done with having a pretty sister
I'm done with giving second chances
I'm done with being put down
I'm done with my feelings
I'm done with being a broken creature

I'm done with thinking that i could be saved 

Pain killers can't take away the mental pain
There are men and women out there fighting and dying for my freedom and there is nothing I can do about it and it is killing me
That moment when you have the perfect quote and you post it and you wake up next moring and you get no likes
I have not yet begun to fight
-John Paul Jones

For once i just wanted to feel wanted
You know the girl who has it all the looks,boys,grades,popular and is adored by everybody
yeah nice to meet you i'm her little sister