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Quotes by moore9389

We could've been the greatest of all,
But then you reminded me;

Even Ancient Rome had to fall.

credit to whoever.

you made it. so easy. to fall i had no fear at all.
i never pictured it would end.


you ask how i can stand to even look at you.
you realize what you did to me.
you see that im moving on now.
and yet you chose now to say sorry for everything.
but theres one thing i know now..
you're not sorry for what you did.. you're sorry that i moved on.

ventinggg. :)
woah; woah
mamma mia
here i go again
why; why did i ever let you go?

mamma mia = best movie musical EVERR :)

but i'll leave my window open
cuz im too tired to call your name
just know i'm right here hoping
that you'll
come in with the rain

come in with the rain.taylor swift.
it's easy to tell someone you're moving on.
actually moving on is a whole different story.

credit to whoever.

oh; why you look so sad.?
the tears are in your eyes.

i'll stand by you.
when it comes to me just forget it; ill be the best you never had

fav song? i think so. haha idk credit to whoever :)
Seeing you with her makes it a whole lot easier to say
just when i think were back to normal.
you see her and im just another friend.