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Hey everybody well I suck at writing these but here it goes.
My name is Morgan fourteen years young. Favorite color is purple. 
Just for a heads up you can't let other people convince you that you aren't perfect everyone is perfect in their own way. Trying to be society's version of perfect is stupid because that version  isn't real. Just be your self and stay strong.
Always here for anyone who wants to talk.

xoxo stay beautiful 

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Quotes by fragile-hearted*

Is it so bad that I just want to matter?
It's my 14th birthday
I'm sick
I have my period
God must love me
She wasn't living she was merely surviving
The scary thing about our society is that we're not afraid of death. The thing we're afraid of is living our lives.
When everything is meant to broken, I just want you to know who I am 

*anoying white girl voice*

Lets do the cup song!
Yoga pants: The equivalent of a push up bra, but only for your but
Am I the only one who freezes bread?
Does anyone else feel like a dieing fish when they run in the cold?
I eat oreos without takeing them apart, I guess you can call me a bad a$$