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Hey, It's Sayray!
the name'sarah.
17. college freshman.
softball player and coach, songwriter, musician.
Aeropostale role model.
My original songs! :)


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Quotes by morethanrandom

When you're talking to him, and all you can think is, whoa, this guy is incredible. <3

Was it all just a joke to you?
Everytime I listened to all of your problems,
After I kept my word, and never told a single soul.
[I was there when she wasn't] 
After you told me that you needed someone like me
in your life because I don't cause you drama?
I s    i t    t r u e   t h a t   y o u   d o n ' t   t r u s t   m e ?
You act like I never existed, like nothing we ever had
ever counted
even a little bit. Like we never even went out.
Like we never even had feelings for eachother.
You said you hate being taken for granted.
Well, guess what?
So do I.




I will always be the amazing friend to him, nothing more.
He goes on and on and on about how he loves her, and she never even thinks twice about him. I'm walking beside him listening quietly, wanting to tell him how I've really felt all along, but I stayed quiet, so that I wouldn't even chance ruining whatever it is that we have now. </3

confession #38
 I'm finally now figuring out how to be confident, for real. And it's the best feeling ever.

have you ever 
been touched so gently, you had to cry?

"No matter what you step in,
Keep walking along
And singing your song."

-From a book my 6 year old cousin made me read to him. <3

That crazy moment when you realize
You had everything you ever wanted in front of you the entire time, 
It just took you until now to take advantage of it.

Every single song on Kelly Clarkson's new album is my life. <3

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